is South Africa’s first on-demand clothing manufacturing service. You no longer have to buy large quantities of stock and incur huge costs to store them. Once a garment is setup with us, you can literally sell it before it is manufactured. You can order a single item at a time in your desired size and colour. The garment can be delivered to your client directly from our factory.

Get in touch with us with your designs and ideas. We provide you with two quotations. The first quotation is the setup quotation - this is the cost to produce a sample for you which includes the pattern making and grading.


The second quote is the on-demand price. This means that each time you place an order for that garment, the on-demand price will apply. This is significantly lower than the setup fee as all the laborious work takes place during the setup of the garment.

The cost of the garment is determined by the fabric choice, labour hours and branding requirements. Below is a guide for the setup cost:

  • T-shirts                                 R 590

  • Sweaters and hoodies         R 690

  • Shorts                                  R 790

  • Skirts                                    R 790

  • Underwear                           R 890

  • Shirts                                   R 890

  • Tops                                     R 890

  • Bottoms                               R 890

  • Dresses                               R 890

  • Trousers                               R 890

  • Jackets and coats                R 1090


The on-demand price is significantly lower than the setup fee

If you are keen to get started, click the link below to setup a digital meeting. You are also welcome to contact us through any of the methods in the contacts tab. We will gladly arrange a tour of the factory if you would like us to take you through the production process and meet the creators of your design and ideas.