HISTORY Apparel Concepts was born on the family’s blueprint of decades and generations of tailoring. The founder, Bhavnesh Harilal, comes from a background where both his maternal and paternal great grandparents were tailors. From generation to generation, the trade was passed down to present day where it continues to thrive. The family business, Standard Clothing Manufacturers is renowned and well respected in the local apparel and textile manufacturing industries. The company has served numerous government initiatives as well as successfully marketing and selling its own local brands.



What does B-BBEE mean to us?

To sum it up in a single sentence:

"An inclusive economy for all, together."

Inclusive - refers to equal participation, equitable opportunities for of all and benefits experienced by every section of the society across South Africa

Economy - It is imperative for the country to grow its economy through internal production and distribution of goods locally and internationally. There is a need for a strong trade investment arm within government that will not only identify markets for locals, but will also ensure sustainability.

Together - Forging and forming relations, working as teams and collaborating with others to achieve the end goal, private sector, government, labour and civil society - no one should be left behind as we strive for an inclusive economy for all. 

Apparel Concepts is certified as a Level 1 B-BBEE contributor.

"Being REAL is the only perfection you need."

I - Identity

We are in the business of ensuring that your company’s identity is unique and easily distinguished amongst peers and competitors.

M - iMage

We aim to ensure that your company or brand portrays its best image to all your stakeholders.

R - Respect

Respect acknowledges talent, not race, colour, gender or culture.

E - Empathy

The ability to experience and relate to the thoughts, emotions or experience of others.

A - Accountability

Acknowledging our faults and learning and growing to better service our clients. This will inspire trust amongst each other, the company and the communities that we work within and the communities that we serve.

L - Loyalty

Every effort is given towards the success of the company as well as the people and communities that we can potentially impact.

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