About Us

Apparel Concepts was born on the family’s blueprint of decades and generations of tailoring. The founder, Bhavnesh Harilal, comes from a background where both his maternal and paternal great grandparents were tailors. From generation to generation, the trade was passed down to present day where it continues to thrive. The roots of the comp[any began in 2016 where it started from buying, branding and reselling the clothing in a pop-up store. The business then grew to become a distributor of corporate wear servicing numerous government agencies and private companies. In 2018 the business transformed into a manufacturer of all types of apparel. We started off with three machines in 2018 and today we run an excess of 30 machines across the plant.


In recent years, we have identified a huge shift in pattern with the average consumer. Consumers and newer generations shop with a purpose. A purpose which ranges from a brand’s impact on the environment to styles that resonate with them as individuals. We now serve a huge client base of individual brands with unique ideas and designs as we believe we are entering an evolution of the apparel industry.